Trucking and Transportation Law

Our attorneys focus on the transportation industry and are experienced in handling the investigation, mediation and litigation of catastrophic loss claims, as well as freight claims, contract drafting, and transactional disputes.

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Rapid Response

We are able to provide rapid response in the event of catastrophic losses, including serious bodily injury trucking claims, environmental spills, and fire losses. This enables our clients to quickly investigate and assess exposure in major losses, protect themselves in the event of litigation, begin the process of resolution in cases that warrant a settlement.

Industry Expertise

We specifically focuses on the trucking and transportation industry, retail and restaurant industries, and the representation of professionals before state licensing boards in administrative actions. Our approach to specialized legal care means we have a deep understanding of specific nuances, giving you the insight that you need.


At Jurca & Lashuk, we understand that reliable legal representation is important. That’s why we ensure we are available when our clients need us most. We understand that reliability creates consistency and consistency creates results–and it’s our goal to help our clients achieve their desired outcome.

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